Company Milestones

The company has a dominant position in the market place for its products and services as a consultant and a supplier today. We distribute products throughout Nepal through our extensive distributor network covering all five development regions. Our services are equally competitive and exceed customer satisfaction. With the current worldwide expansion of interest and sales in renewable energy products, including our own region, our company is well positioned with the appropriate products and experience.

Our achievements so far:

  • Since 1999 AEPC Subsidy program (SHS & SSHS)
  • 2004 Nepal Telecom (100 BTS & 50 Repeater Stations)
  • 2007 UNICA Foundation Project for Karnali Library
  • 2007 USAID Project for Karnali Radio Station
  • 2007 Nepal Telecom (20 BTS)
  • 2008 Nepal Telecom (100 BTS)
  • 2009 Nepal Satellite CDMA (61 BTS)
  • 2009 Kyocera Donation Project

Solar Home System has tremendously changed the life style of rural people. They have received clean energy and got rid of kerosene lamps. This has improved eye and respiration related problems. Working hours also have been increased thereby helping generate more income. Children in the rural areas are getting opportunities to read and write in the evening under better quality of light. As most of the villages are situated in hilltops, water has to be often carried up from springs or rivers. This is generally done by women who spend extremely long hours and hail heavy loads depriving them of opportunities for education, income generation, socialization and others. Solar water pumping systems in such communities without grid source have been proven to be blessings to the entire community.

The company has to date established more than 20000 SHS, nearly 3MW Solar Power Back up System for most INGOS like GTZ, UN projects, World Vision, ICT's UNDP for powering telecommunication equipments, health equipments, water pumps and computer equipments all over Nepal.
Sunera Distribution Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore to oversee the international market with authority from Morningstar Corporation, USA, a leading company in the world for manufacturing and distributing solar charge controller and Kyocera Inc., Japan, one of the world's largest solar PV modules manufacturing and distributing company.

Authorized Distributors