Solar Frontier - Japanese Solar Panel

Solar Frontier - Japanese Solar Panel

Solar Frontier is the world’s largest manufacturer of next-generation CIS thin film photovoltaic modules supplying customers in the residential, commercial and utility-scale sectors. Formerly Showa Shell Solar,Solar Frontier is based in Tokyo, Japan and has office in America and Germany. They have over 100 years of experience operating in energy business and 30 year history of technological leadership in the solar industry.


Advantages of Solar Frontier:
Advantages of Solar Frontier

Quality and Safety Certificates:
Solar Frontier Certifications
It is also RoHs certified.

Technical Specification of Solar Frontier:

Maximum Power(Pmax) 70 watt
Max. Power Tolerance -5%
Max. Voltage System 1000V
Nominal Voltage 37.6V
Nominal Current 1.85A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 54V
Short Circuit Voltage(Isc) 2.2A
Length*Breadth*Width 1.235m*.641m*.35mm
Weight 12.4Kg

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