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Array Tech Hybrid Charge Controller

Array Tech Hybrid Charge Controller

Array Tech's SGS converts any conventional Inverter into a Solar Inverter. It provides the facility to charge the battery bank either through Solar or Grid / DG set. The SGS continuously monitors the state of Battery Voltage, Solar Power output and the loads. Due to sustained usage of power, when the Battery Voltage falls below a preset level, the SGS transfers the load automatically to the Grid and charges the Batteries through the in-built Charger in the inverter. When the Batteries are charged above a preset level, the Grid supply to the SGS automatically cuts off. System is designed to give priority to solar power first and use Grid / DG power only when the Solar power / Battery charge is insufficient to meet the load requirement.

The salient features include::

Technical Specifications for Hybrid charge controller
SN Description Ratings/Remarks/Protections
1. Solar Input Power 560W
2. System Voltage(DC) 12V/24V/48V
3. Battery Operating voltage(DC) 21V-28V
4. Solar input Current 10A/20A
5. Battery Charging Current 10A/20A
6. Peak Efficiency 96%
7. Maxi. Solar Open circuit voltage 54V/108V
8. Solar:  Overload, Short Circuit, High Voltage Yes
9. Battery: High Voltage Yes
10. Reverse Current/Surge Protection Yes

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