Sunera Solar Photovoltaic Tubular Deep Cycle Battery

Sunera Solar Photovoltaic Tubular Deep Cycle Battery


This document define the characteristics and requirement of flooded electrolyte type tubular Lead acid battery for solar PV system & portable power applications.

General Characteristics

The battery have a design life of 15 years when used in float service at 27'C in applications such as Telecommunications, UPS or standard power supply or solar PV system. The available amh hour capacities of the batters range from 6KSB 20 AH to 6KSB 200 AH in 12 volt Type.


The above sizes of battery cover by this specification are :

- 6KSB20/T1
- 6KSB45/T2
- 6KSB60/T3
- 6KSB72/T3
- 6KSB80/T4
- 6KSB100/T3
- 6KSB120/T5
- 6KSB150/T6
- 6KSB200/T8

Special Feature

Initial Charging Instructions
Normal Recharging Instruction
Performance Characteristics

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