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Morningstar's SunSaver is the world's leading small solar controller for both professional and consumer applications. SunSaver's Technoology provides: The SunSaver's advanced design delivers outstanding performance and value. The SanSaver's low cost is made possible by Morningstar's unique approach to design and manufacturing: Features
Models Sk-6, SS-6L, SS-10, SS-10L
SS-10-24V, SS-10L-24V
SS-20L, SS-20L-24V
Mechanical Specifications
Wire Size #10 AWG (5.2 mm2)
Enclosure Anodized Aluminium case
Terminals Marine rated
Tropicalization Epoxy encapsulated
Weight 8 0z (0.23 kg)
Electrical Specifications:
  12 Volt 24 Volt
Rated Solar Input 6.5/10/20 A
Rated Load 6/10/20 A
25% Current Overload 5 min. 5 min.
Regulation Voltage:
Sealed Battery 14.1 V 28.2 V
Flooded Battery 14.4 V 28.8 V
Load Disconnect 11.5 V 23.0 V
LVD Reconnect 12.6 V 25.2 V
Temp. Comp. (mV/oC ) -28 -56
Self-consumption 6 to 10 mA
Operating Temperature -40 to +85oC

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