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Solar Home & Street Light Systems

Solar Home & Street Light Systems


Lasersun Energy Pvt. Ltd. is supplying and installing the solar home systems and solar street light systems in various districts on Nepal. More than 100,000 solar home systems have been installed till now in various districts of Nepal. The installed capacity is about 3 MWp. The project is both inclusive and exclusive of government subsidy program provided by Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) for the household and institutional electrification of rural parts of Nepal. We have till now installed Home Lighting System in 630 households, 15 High School Buildings, 4 Primary Health Centre, 4 Community Centre.

Solar Home System comprises of the following:


Solar street light system serves the purpose of electrification of dvarious districts of Nepal through Solar Energy . The Components are supplied by Central Electronics Limited (CEL) in Jaljale VDC,Tehrathum District. Under UNDP Project 36 streets lights has been installed in the Kathmandu valley as well. Street Lights we have installed are as:

Year No of Street Light installed
2001 20
2002 25
2003 33
2004 53
2005 36
2006 33
2007 15
2008 15
2009 27
2010 35
2011 45
Total 337

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