Lasersun offers a competitive solar energy service with experience in solar home systems (SHS), solar pumping systems (SWP), electrification for schools, solar backup system in rural offices, solar vaccine storage system, solar street lighting, and solar power system for operating communication equipments. We have extensively supplied, delivered and installed the solar module equipments in all parts of the country for varied purposes.

The advantages of using our services are:

  • Professional and skilled staffs
  • Quality parts and products
  • Efficient delivery and installation
  • Project design & consultancy
  • PV system design and preparation of project documentation
  • Technical support
  • Solar PV Power system for Telecommunication Equipments
  • Solar PV Power Water Pumping System
  • Solar Home System for Village Electrification
  • Institutional and Community based Solar Power System
  • Solar Street Lights System
  • Workshops and Trainings
  • Easy Financing System

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